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Please note: All furniture sold by CJC Furniture Ltd. (excluding sofas and mattresses) will be delivered to you flat packed and needs self-assembly, although an assembly service is available for an extra charge.

Upholstered furniture sold by CJC Furniture LTD complies with British Fire And Safety Regulations.


All products come with manufacturer’s guarantee for the period of 12 months from the delivery date in respect of defective making or materials. Your statutory rights are unaffected. Not covered by the guarantee – mechanical damage, normal “wear and tear” and naturally occurring phenomena as described below.

Wood: wooden furniture will naturally differ in surface structure, colour, shape, sheen and they may have marks caused by insects. These features are not regarded as quality defects. Minor differences in appearance may result from ordinary expanding and shrinking of wood which reacts to climate changes at home.

Glass: minor scratches, small air bubbles and surface irregularities naturally occur during glass production. They are not regarded as quality defects.

Material: natural fluctuations occur during material production and they are not regarded as quality defects.

Leather: leather has natural wrinkles, marks and scars. Colour and texture differences are natural and make each product unique.

If you notice any defect(s) in the product, you are required to notify us immediately using the Complaint Form available on our website: You should do this not later than 3 working days from the day the defect was discovered to prevent any further damage.

If the damage should not been reported within 3 working days, from the day it was discovered, the guarantee may not apply. If you discover the product to be faulty during guarantee period, we will firstly commence necessary repairs. If we will not be able to repair your product to satisfying state CJC FURNITURE may consider replacing the product for the same one or different; subject to company discretion and availability. If the customer is not willing to accept a replacement , or different product, we are unable to issue a cash/ card refund after the cooling- off period of 7 days after purchase. CJC FURNITURE may accept return, subject to company discretion, and a CREDIT NOTE will be issued. No cash/ card refunds available after 7 days from purchase.


The amount of delivery fee is based on distance as well as product weight and dimensions. If the ordered product is in stock we make every attempt to deliver it as soon as possible.

However, we usually carry out orders within 2-4 weeks from the date of receiving payment. Please note that some parts may be delivered earlier or later than the above mentioned period.

After you place an order we will contact you with information about the approximate date of delivery. However, we occasionally may not be able to deliver products in the agreed time due to circumstances beyond our control. In such case we will immediately inform you about any delay.

Ordered products are sent only when all parts are available, therefore, the estimated time of delivery depends on the product part that will take the most time to prepare.

After date of delivery is set you must be able to receive products on this specific day. Ordered products may be loaded onto delivery trucks up to 2 days before delivery and cannot be unloaded until all deliveries are performed. For the above reason all changes to date of delivery have to be made at least 3 working days before planned date of delivery, otherwise a fee for unsuccessful delivery will be charged. The fee has to be paid before another delivery can be made.

If during an attempt to deliver a product there is no one to collect it, ordered products will be returned to our storehouse and we will charge a fee for unsuccessful delivery. The fee has to be paid before another delivery can be made. If you decide to cancel an order instead of requesting another delivery, the fee for unsuccessful delivery will be deducted from reimbursement of product’s costs.

You have to make sure that the delivery address is easily accessible and that we will be able to deliver the purchased product. It includes access and parking area for large delivery trucks. If we are not able to deliver a product due to product’s dimensions or lack of access, the fee for unsuccessful delivery will be deducted from reimbursement of product’s costs.

In the case of payment upon delivery the customer is obliged to make sure, that he or she is able to pay the designated amount of money in cash, otherwise the driver is not obligated to wait for payment more than 15 minutes and he has the right to return to our warehouse, together with unpaid product. In this case, the customer is charged of total cost of a delivery.

The fee for unsuccessful delivery is the same as the delivery cost specified when the order was placed. Usually delivered products will be left within your property in the most convenient location. The driver is not obliged to carry them upstairs. Please remember that the expression “upstairs” also applies to flats which are not located on the ground floor. Carrying products upstairs is subject to the driver’s decision and consent. We are not liable for any damages caused during such carrying.

After delivery is made the customer becomes responsible for delivered products.

You have to examine all products upon receipt and inform us about any deficiencies or visible damages. We will dismiss any claims for damages unless a product is unpacked and inspected at the moment of delivery. Please inform driver and he will make note in delivery document. Damaged or defective products will be repaired by a person sent by us, if possible.

Products remain CJC Furniture's property until the agreed price, together with other fees, is paid in full and the products are delivered to the address given.

You can personally collect purchased products from our storehouse. Please inform us as soon as possible if you intend to do this. Please note that if you want to collect product and do not have appropriate vehicle, you can do it only on your own risk. In that case we will not give you any guarantee for purchased items.

If you collect item by yourself, in case of any complaint or missing part, we are not able to do delivery or exchange anything.

Removing old furniture

We cannot collect and throw away old furniture. However, we ask you to keep old couches, tables or beds until delivery, because - in rare cases - problems with delivery may occur and we cannot guarantee to deliver replacements.


Furniture purchased at CJC Furniture require self-assembly. To ensure the quality of purchased product(s) and for health and safety reasons, we strongly advise our customers to purchase the assembly service provided by our company. CJC Furniture cannot take any responsibility for the damage/fault/accidents caused by furniture assembled by other party than CJC Furniture (i.e. customer assembled product himself/herself.)

Return and order cancel

Order may be cancelled in 7 days from date of purchase. Please note that any deposit left by the customer is non-refundable.

Should you need to return the unassembled product, please don’t open the packaging.

If you are not satisfied with purchase, you can contact us within 7 days from date of delivery and inform us that you want to return some or all ordered products.

Customer is obligated to check correctness of order by placing it online or in the shop. Customer needs to ensure that items are checked on delivery before accepting them.

If delivered and accepted items do not fulfill expectations of customer, client will be charged with return delivery costs, which are deducted from reimbursement of product’s costs.

You can return product at your expense to the address specified by us or you can ask us to collect the product. In such case client is charged with the sum equal to delivery cost paid at the moment of placing order.

We will only accept returns which are brand new still in original packaging, items which are supplied flat packed will only be accepted where assembly has not been attempted and returned in a reasonable condition, brand new still in original packaging, the buyer pays all delivery and return costs, buyer may return item by their own means, if buyer requires us to arrange for them to be returned cost is as per delivery cost breakdown product. Items must be returned within 7 days from delivery, items returned outside of this time will not be considered for refund.

CJC Furniture Ltd. has the right to charge the customer 20% total purchase amount handling charge, if returned products are damaged or the company cannot sell them as a brand new product.

The Company reserves the right to refuse return, when items are damaged, not suitable for sale as a new one or not properly packed at the moment of completing return. Then delivery will not be taken and customer will be charged with the sum equal to delivery cost paid upon placing order.

Before placing order customer is obligated to ensure dimensions of purchased goods, that they can be easily placed in the destination place. In case, when the sofa or other product cannot be placed in destination place, customer is obligated to cover the cost of re-delivery and 20% handling charge.

The Company is not responsible for any damage of purchased products during its shipping by use of other methods of transport (including own collection of product by customer from our warehouse) or customers moving from prior delivery destination.

Costs are reimbursed within 30 days from the date of collecting product and after inspection confirming that it is not damaged. We reserve the right to withhold payment of whole or part of product costs if the returned elements are damaged.

Mattresses, pillows, couches etc. may be returned if they have not been unpacked. Mattresses, pillows, sofas which were unpacked and used for the purpose of sleeping cannot be returned. If you want to try a mattress, please leave it packed until you are certain that you want to keep it.

If you do not fulfill the above mentioned obligations, we will refuse to reimburse product costs or a fee will be charged to cover any costs borne by us (regarding, for example, purposeless travel connected with return delivery or with damaged or lost products). Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

Making a complaint

A prerequisite for the commencement of the complaints procedure is sending an e-mail to containing at least 5 pictures of the damaged product (3 pictures of the damaged part and 2 pictures of the whole product). In addition, the customer is obligated to include information about name of product, its colour, side (in case of corner sofa), detailed address, contact telephone number, invoice number, date of order placing and an accurate description of the damage.

If you do not fulfill presented conditions, the company reserve the right to refuse the complaint.

Custom-made products for client’s individual needs

Custom-made products, for which you can choose fabrics and colours, are made especially for you, therefore, it is not possible to make return or replacement after 7 days from the date of placing order.

Custom-made products are also products manufactured with custom size, i.e. products whose standard dimensions are changed by client.

Self-assembly furniture cannot be returned after partial or complete assembly unless one of the elements is defective.

We will not reimburse product costs if the problem results from product dimensions or lack of access to your property.

Cancelling order by CJC Furniture

We reserve the right to reject an order if: we do not have in our stock raw materials required for manufacturing ordered products, we are not able to deliver ordered products to your place of residence, the product was improperly described or the price given on our webpage was incorrect, we did not receive payment, client did not comply with our terms and conditions of sale.

If order is cancelled by CJC Furniture, any payments made will be reimbursed within 30 days from the date of cancelling order.

*** We will take your sofa from you if it is in reasonable and in good visual condition. We reserve the right to refuse of collecting your sofa without any reason, e.g. its bad condition, not enough space on drivers van etc. Please note that only the 3&2 or 3&1&1 leather suites will be collected by the drivers co-operatives with CJC Furniture Ltd. All sofas must be clean and in very good condition, so without any marks, rips etc.

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