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Barcelona Pocket Spring Reflex Foam Mattress 6'

Super King Size (6')
Barcelona Pocket Spring Reflex Foam Mattress 6'

Barcelona Pocket Spring Reflex Foam Mattress 6'

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Products description

Pillow top Barcelona mattress gives you extra support at night, designed to benefit whole body and provide comfortable sleep. This mattress combines reflex foam layer (2 inches) and rows of high-quality pocket springs (1200). 

Each spring works independently, compresses only when under the pressure. Springs provide the base for firm reflex foam, which doesn't allow body to sink into the mattress. Those two layers creates perfect mattress for those who are looking for high level of comfort.

Upholstered in stress free fabric with anti dust mite properties.

Please note:

This mattress is available in standard sizes and it can be made to measure for a special order. Due to changes in production, the cover pattern may vary. Pictures are for illustration purposes only; Due to stock changes product dimensions may vary.

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