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Numlock 4 Pieces Bedroom Set

Children's furniture
Numlock 4 Pieces Bedroom Set

Numlock 4 Pieces Bedroom Set

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Numlock all-in-one bedroom set with desk.

Bedroom for your teens and kids it is a place not only for sleeping, is a room where they could do several things which includes hanging out, having fun and naturally studying. Numlock set was produced to make the bedroom a lot more attractive in looks together with functionality. Numlock set is finished in milky oak with contrasting bright green or orange trims. Double sided decorative strip can be easily changed depending on the individual preferences.

Set features: 2 door wardrobe, bookcase, desk and shelf.


Depth: 56 cm × Width: 217.5 cm × Height: 195 cm

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Products are supplied in boxes for self-assembly.

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