10 Must-have Bedroom Essentials for Great Sleep

Bedtime bliss and a good night’s sleep require a well designed bedroom. This is the place where you spend your most peaceful, relaxing hours and it deserves some TLC. And so do you! Follow our guide to bedroom essentials to create a true haven of peace and comfort.

Great mattress

First things first: there is no bedroom without a bed (of some sort) and there is no bed without a mattress. Get as good a mattress as you can afford. If there is something not to skimp on, ever, it is the mattress. If you are not sure how to choose the best one for your needs, our handy guide explains it all.

Quality bedding

Once you have the perfect mattress, enhance it with excellent bedding -- warm, but not too warm a duvet and comfortable, good quality pillows, whether feather, down or hypoallergenic.  Good quality bed linen comes next. Natural fabrics are best, be it cotton, linen or even silk, but some blends with artificial fibres can save you a lot of ironing time while still feeling pleasant.

Nice-to-touch rug

Even if you have fitted carpets in your bedroom, few things compare to a thick  rug to step out onto first thing in the morning. And you can use it to enliven or complement your decor too. Those of more ascetic persuasion can go for cotton or jute mats -- the flat weave is not as luxurious as deep pile, but also feels pleasant under your bare feet.

Good bedside table

You really do need space for your book, glasses, alarm clock or notepad. And despite the fact that keeping the bedroom free of electronics, screens and devices is desirable, most of us WILL put our phone on the bedside table too…

Decent storage

It’s so easy to let the bedroom become a cluttered mess but this isn’t conducive to restful sleep, so follow our tips to maximise your bedroom storage and get the mess out of sight.

Seating (of some sort)

Yes, bedroom is for sleeping but if you can fit a comfy armchair, an ottoman at the foot of the bed (good for storage too) or even a chair, you will be surprised by how handy it turns out to be -- as long as you don’t immediately cover it with clothes, of course.


Choose peaceful images that inspire quiet joy or relaxation. Nothing too edgy or dark to give you nightmares. Murals, large prints of nature, harmonious abstracts are typical… but if you have favourite works of art you would like to welcome you every morning, go for these.


Nothing makes the bed as sumptuous as a selection of decorative cushions. Not too many so you don’t have to dig to actually get into bed, but two to four will really make a difference to the look.

Suitable light

A bedside lamp on the nightstand or one mounted on the wall, but always one that you can switch off without climbing out from under the covers. Even if you don’t read in bed.

Personal touch

It doesn’t have to be a photo of your children on the bedside table -- in fact, some authorities recommend keeping family photos out because of their strong emotional impact, but having objects that you love, or ones that remind you of good times or favourite activities, really helps to make this most private space in your home truly your own.






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