5 Kids' Rooms Essentials

Furnishing a room for a little prince or princess? Or creating a mysterious hideout for a bunch of elves? A haven of peace for a bookworm, or a place of healthy rest for a keen football player?

All children are different, but there are a few things that all kids’ rooms need. They can come in various styles and sizes – and change and evolve with your children – but from toddlers’ nurseries to teenagers’ caves, make sure to find place in your kids’ rooms for these essentials.

A place to sleep

This is an obvious one, right? A comfortable bed is as important for a child as it is for an adult, and getting a good night’s rest will ensure they have energy to do all the learning, playing and growing.

At CJC Furniture we believe so strongly in the importance of a good night’s sleep that we have created a separate guide to choosing a right bed for your child.

A place to be creative

It is worth leaving some space, even in a small room, to be creative, even messily creative. Although you might want to leave finger painting for the kitchen table well-protected with newspapers, providing a chalkboard or a white board to draw on, a selection of crayons, pencils and pens, a craft table even will encourage your children to express and develop their creativity.

A desk

Even if they do their homework on the kitchen or living room table, a desk in their room will impress on your kid that their school work is important and respected. Make sure the desk space is well lit, ideally by natural as well as artificial light, and that there is a comfortable chair of good height to sit at.

Storage, and more storage

You think there is enough storage space in your child’s room? Wait until the drawer gets emptied of socks to house the growing rock collection… There is never enough storage! Make sure there is not just space for clothes, books and toys, but that nothings is packed too tightly: it is much easier to maintain order if the you don’t have to pull everything out to get that one small thing from the back. Provide some empty storage space – drawers, containers, hanging wall pockets for things that will be found, borrowed and made. Don’t store too many items, apart from books, on open shelves – store toys and trinkets away, it will make tidying, dusting and cleaning so much easier!

Variety of lighting

We take great care to mood-light our living spaces, so don’t forget lighting for the children’s rooms. In addition to the overhead light(s), side lights create a softer mood, a desk light will ensure they can see their homework, while a string of fairy lights or a low night-light will provide reassurance in more anxious moments at night.

Warm and snuggly things

However much you love the minimalist look and clean lines, a kid’s bedroom should have plenty of warm, soft, snuggly options. This doesn’t mean an entire menagerie of cuddly toys living on the bed (though even teenagers will often want to keep a couple of old friends for comfort), but a selection of cushions, and a blanket or two will make the space much more comfortable. Make sure the textiles are easy to machine wash.

A rug on the floor, especially if it’s not covered with a fitted carpet, will also feel nice under bare little feet – especially on school mornings!






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