6 Great Reasons to Buy A Corner Sofa

Wondering about buying a new sofa? Not sure what design or shape to choose? Thinking that a corner sofa might be right, but not quite sure? Read on and find out the best reasons to buy a corner sofa and what makes them such a universally loved piece of furniture.

1. Provide loads of seating space

Corner sofas can really pack a lot of people on. A large one can fit even 10 people (at a squash), or a family of four comfortably lounging about. You get basically all the space equivalent 2 or three seaters would provide, plus the corner, and no room is wasted. A corner sofa is pretty economical on space, and somewhat counterintuitively, can work well in a small sitting room or a TV den that is frequently used by multiple members of your household or guests.

2. Get (very) comfortable

Corner sofas are made for lounging! You can stretch along one both ways, and the corner is one of the most comfortable seats that family members are bound to fight over.  But you can still fit more people in more comfortable positions, on one corner sofa, than on the equivalent combination of traditional settees.

3. Encourage social interactions

Corner sofas make socialising easier. In a small room, you don’t have to squish next to each other in a row, or negotiate who’s going to take a comfy seat and who’s going to end up on a stool or an upright chair. In a large room, you can create a variety of arrangements with a corner sofa combined with other comfortable seating and still save some space.

4. Make a style statement

By the very virtue of their size, corner sofas become a central focus of almost every room they inhabit. The variety of sizes, shapes, fabrics and colours means that you will be easily able to pick a style that fits your room design. And, unlike with many a traditional sofa, you won’t need to compromise on comfort: corner sofas tend to be both comfortable and stylish.

5. Create zones in a room

Do you worry that a corner sofa will limit your design freedom and will get forever stuck in a corner? A corner sofa doesn’t have to go in a corner. In a large room, you can use it to create a zone devoted to a particular task (TV watching, socialising), and the size of the piece will naturally help you divide the space into various functional or visual areas. A corner sofa is your best friend for making sense of an open-plan living space.

6. Make an extra bed

Just like traditional sofas, corner ones also often let you turn a sofa into a bed. It is often easier than with a traditional sofa-bed, and you might end up with some of the sofa part left to sit on. A corner sofa-bed is an excellent solution when your living room has to double up as a guest bedroom.






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