6 Interesting Lighting Trends for Autumn 2019

Lighting can make or break a room design. Well placed lighting sources and suitable luminaires have a fundamental role to play in interior design, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. While keeping those purposes in mind, we shouldn’t forget about fashion. Use our suggestions when creating on-trend interiors from scratch or update a tired look with a striking light source. 

Go big

This year, bigger is better. Large pendants, oversized lampshades on standard lamps… this trend can result in the light source being the main focal point of your room. Choose one that will not only provide adequate illumination, but also either match, or contrast in an interesting way with the rest of your room design. 

Chandeliers are back

Not that they ever really went out of fashion, but as far as ceiling lights go, chandeliers are seen in many interior design collections in 2019. Large (see above) and full of dazzling crystals? Yes, definitely, especially for more traditionally glamorous interiors. Sputnik chandeliers? Absolutely – these early-space-exploration inspired lighting solutions go really well with the still popular Mid-century Modern design style. Frosted glass globes and other geometric shapes combined with brass or bronze will complete your Art-deco look.

Coloured metal

Specifically, we are talking about brass and bronze, as well as copper, whether polished or matt. These metals are definitely making waves in this year’s interior design collections, and depending on shape and style, will work well in Art Deco, Industrial and Contemporary interiors. Whether a pendant or a standard lamp, a touch of metal can add a gleam of class to your room. 

Natural and upcycled fabrics

Environmental consciousness influences our purchasing choices and fashion trends. In home lighting, it finds its expression in lampshades made of natural or upcycled materials and fabrics: rattan, hessian, even wood and paper. Repurposing (or even faux repurposing) and upcycling materials or objects to use as lamps or parts of lighting arrangements will also fit well with certain more relaxed interiors. 

Industrial metal and wire

Many of the above listed elements come together in one of the most striking current trends in lighting: shades, fittings and lamps in industrial-style metal, and especially using (often stylized) wire. From film-set-style floor-standing spotlights to various pendants made of metallic wire and strips of metal, lights that fit in this trend will complement many design schemes, not just industrial, but also some vintage and Nordic interiors. 

Bare or visible Edison bulb LEDs

Another vintage-friendly home lighting trend, and very hot indeed at them moment (even if the LED bulbs never get hot themselves). The warm light these bulbs, often used bare or in wire-cage style lamps emit will help you to create a cosy, or slightly Gothic atmosphere to perfectly match your desired look. 






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