7 Basics That Will Let You Create a Great Teen Bedroom

Do you remember fighting with your parents about painting your room black or rebellious posters stuck to the walls? Every teenager wants their room to express their personality. 

Invite a teenager to help you design their bedroom. It will definitely help along the whole process. Do you lack inspiration? Today's article will remind you of the basics and suggest interesting solutions. 

A room for everything

A teenager's bedroom is much more than a bedroom. The room must fulfill many roles: an oasis of peace, a cave where you can hide when life seems hard, a place to do homework, a comfortable space for long conversations with friends.

Designate zones for the most important activities in the room: sleep, work, relaxation and hobbies. In a small room, these zones will have to overlap, but adopting some clever solutions will allow you to fit everything. 

The bed is the foundation of everything

Did you know that teens really need a lot of sleep to thrive? No wonder that on weekends they often sleep until the afternoon. A comfortable bed with a good quality mattress will facilitate recovery and good development. Anyway, teens use their beds not only for sleeping. Some teens simply live most of their lives on their beds, even doing homework or using a tablet or laptop.

It is worth using the bed a teen room for storage - there is never too much space for quickly putting away the clutter that teenagers' rooms are often notorious  for. 


Even if your teenager usually does their homework at the kitchen table or lying on their front on the bed, a desk should be present in every teen's room. It will not only be a place to work, but will also allow them to store school materials and supplies in one place. You will be able to put a computer monitor on the desk and place a bookshelf nearby, not just for school books. A desk is not only a practical piece of furniture, it is also a symbol of the importance that family attaches to school work. 

A place to relax

Sure, we know they have their bed for that. However, it is worth trying to find space for some other lounging furniture, especially if your teenage child often has friends round for long chats or watching movies. Maybe a small sofa will fit? Or maybe a swing chair or even a hammock? In the absence of space for such solutions, cushions and poufs will help you to create restful vibes for your teen's friends. 

Cosy fabrics

As we are talking about lounging, it is worth mentioning interesting fabrics and textures. Throws and blankets will create a safe cocoon for any person needing some warmth, while fluffy rugs and pillows covered with nice-to-touch fabrics will boost the general cosiness. 

Strong colors and shapes

We began this article with black walls. We definitely do not recommend this solution for the whole room, although a rebellious teenager may insist on this or something similar. However, it is worth remembering that self expression -- even not to parental taste -- and strong colors and other striking decor features have their place in any teenager's room. We do not have to strive to create the impression of pastel peaceful oasis as we do in our own bedrooms. One wall in a brighter shade, geometric patterns with contrasting lines, or maybe a huge poster, a large abstract paining or an inspiring photo wallpaper? A teenager with an artistic flair can create a graffiti-style mural or cover one wall with a collage of favorite graphics and quotes. Do not plan the teenager's room decor to last many years: youth tastes change often and the bubblegum-sweet, pink bedroom of an 11-year-old princess can three years later turn into an interior full of reproductions of pop art and bright fabrics inspired by the 1960s. 


A teenager does not live on studying and sleeping alone. It is worth finding a place for hobbies and interests of the growing child. A telescope for an astronomy enthusiast, an easel for a young artist, a larger work table for a teen passionate about model making or handicrafts. All these will help your teen feel that they have their own space in the world.






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