7 Great Reasons to Buy Eco Rattan Garden Furniture

We gave you a low-down on various garden furniture materials in a previous article, but today it’s time to look closer at one of those options, namely eco-rattan. Natural rattan is made from fibres from tropical palm trees, and makes a good choice for light conservatory and indoor furniture. Synthetic (eco) rattan mimics the appearance of that natural material, while at the same time retaining numerous advantages of plastic furniture. The weave is resin, woven around a cast-aluminium frame, which makes the pieces more solid and stable than plastic.

What are the biggest advantages of choosing eco (synthetic) rattan furniture?

1. It looks good….

…much better than most plastic, and often as good as natural rattan. As it’s low maintenance and durable, it will retain its good looks for longer.

2. It’s versatile

The natural look of eco rattan makes it work in many designs, from more formal to very relaxed. The way its constructed means that it’s also versatile as a material, with a variety of models and forms possible to produce.

3. It offers lots of choice

Its popularity mean that numerous designs, shapes, colours and finishes are available in eco rattan.

4. It’s weather, salt and chlorine resistant

You don’t need to worry about leaving synthetic rattan furniture outside exposed to the elements. Even a poolside or a salty spray from a nearby sea is not going to damage it. It doesn’t deteriorate quickly in the sun, and it is resistant to moss and mould growth.

5. It’s low-maintenance

All those characteristics mean that eco rattan is one of the most low-maintenance materials for garden furniture. All it needs a wash (you can use a garden hose) with pure water or mild detergent. No oiling, no scrubbing, no painting.

6. It’s light and easy to carry

This means rearranging your outdoor space doesn’t become a backbreaking task. The aluminium frames and woven synthetic fibres are strong but don’t weight much so, although substantial enough not to be easily blown over by a gust, the furniture is easy to move around.

7. And last but not least, it is also cheaper than many other materials

It’s doubly cheaper: firstly, the purchase price is lower than natural rattan or even many wooden pieces, but it is also durable and low maintenance, which means that eco rattan will last longer before you need to replace it, will have minimal maintenance costs and is unlikely to generate repair costs.

For all those reasons, we stock a range of synthetic rattan garden furniture – from luxury swing pods to sumptuous outdoor sofas and day beds.   






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