Easy Elements of Mid-century Modern to Use in Your Interior Design

The name Mid-Century Modern comes from the United States, where this interior design style has been popular for a good 10 years. Furniture designs created in those years simply survived the test of time and fit very well into contemporary arrangements, whether modern, minimalist or eclectic. 

Where did the Mid-century Modern come from?

It is a reference to the style that was the epitome of modernity in the middle of the last century, but which, interestingly enough, still feels synonymous with the very concept of 'modernity' now. We are talking about designs from years 1945-1969, inspired by the artistic and architectural ideas of the Bauhaus group and designers and artists associated with it. At least 50 years have passed since then, so the style is already very retro indeed, but the principles of combining functionality and aesthetics developed at that time still apply.  

Features of the Modern Mid-century style

Have you watched the Mad Men TV show? We are talking about interiors similar to those inhabited by Don Draper, Peggy Olson and the company. The most important characteristics of this style are:

== Clean, geometric lines, both curved and more angular, but without ornamentation. Nearly-minimalism. 

== Emphasis is on practical functionality, ergonomics and ease of use as well as high quality, which can, however, be mass-produced in the factory. 

== The use of new (then) materials such as plastics in combination with high quality woods and plywood.

== Bold colour schemes, with bright and sometimes even garish colours, optimistic vibes. 

== Abstract artwork and modern pictures on the walls. 

== White walls, sometimes wallpapers with abstract patterns. 

== Open, spacious rooms devoid of ornaments, not cluttered and full of light.

== Geometric patterns on rugs and cushions. 

How to use Mid-century Modern vibes in interior design?

Of course, you can create the whole interior in this popular style, but you can also incorporate the elements typical for Modern Retro in a more eclectic interior. How to do it? We have several ideas. 

== Choose an appropriate lamp or light fitting. A sputnik chandelier is the quintessence of the era known for the first exploration of space, while the simple, geometric shapes of metal pendant lights will allow you to quickly create an atmosphere of ergonomic elegance. Fully modern ceiling lights, such as Cortes from our collection will also perfectly evoke the "space-age" and minimalist vibes of the middle of the last century. 

== A simple shaped sofa or armchair in a bold upholstery colour, on wooden legs, or -- even better -- on a visible wooden frame with solid wood armrests are also furniture pieces typical for Mid-century Modern. 

== Hang expressive, colorful abstractions or something pop-artsy on the wall. 

== Use a coffee table or a console table combining wood with laminate or glass in a geometric, modern shape. 

== Invest in ergonomic chairs with clean lines for the dining room or kitchen.

== Get a stylish wooden bar! A mobile one on castors, visible to anyone who enters the living room, or hidden behind the doors of a Danish-style cabinet or sideboard. Add some interesting liquor, a silver shaker and receive guests in the style of James Bond (this is another iconic hero perfectly suited to the Mid-century Modern world). 

== Use textiles in colours and prints referencing geometric, space-age and botanically inspired designs from the middle of the last century: pillows, curtains, tablecloths and even teatowels. 






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