How to clean furniture to ensure its long life in good condition

Furniture - even cheaper options - is an investment for many years. So it's worth knowing how to look after it on a day to day basis. It will save you money  on premature replacements and make your living space more enjoyable. The best method for furniture maintenance depends on the material from which it is made.

Wooden furniture

One of the most popular options among furniture materials, cleaning wooden furniture depends on its finish. We devoted a special article to this topic, in which we thoroughly discuss how to care for wood depending on the type of finish, from polyurethane to French polish. In most situations, the safest method is a dry or slightly damp cloth, although a polyurethane finish will take much more. Similar advice applies to a high-gloss furniture (which often often shows up in your home covered with a protective film, after peeling off which it should be treated very carefully for several weeks, during which the varnish cures). 

Upholstered furniture

The right treatment of upholstered furniture will really extend its life, and especially the period when it looks good. And minor disasters involving upholstered furniture are common. After all, a significant part of family life,eating, drinking and playing, takes place on the sofas and armchairs in the living room or the den. 

All upholstered furniture - from armchairs to corner sofas holding five or more people - should be vacuumed regularly. And not only on the surfaces, but also between the cushions (which are best removed for vacuuming, if the furniture offers such an option). It's best to use a special upholstery vacuum cleaner nozzle here. Also remember to reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, especially when cleaning more delicate fabrics. 

Remove stains and soiling immediately after it occurs, and once every few years hire a company that professionally clean such furniture or a special vacuum cleaner with an upholstery shampoo function. Most carpet cleaners offer that. 

Furniture made of MDF and chipboard

Chipboard and MDF are very popular furniture materials. Varnishes and foils used to cover this type furniture are usually easy to keep clean and well-maintained with a damp cloth or a universal spray for furniture surfaces or wood. 

Leather furniture

Vacuum, like furniture covered with fabric upholstery. Remove stains and dirt with a damp cloth and mild detergent (e.g. washing up liquid). Another option is to use diluted vinegar. The most important thing is to use as little water as possible to avoid discoloration and marks. It is also important to treat the leather upholstery with an appropriate conditioner or leather cream from time to time, which will prevent drying, cracking and significantly extend the life of the furniture. 

A final tip

Upholstered furniture often has an information tag indicating how to clean it. The codes have the following meanings:

W: Suitable for cleaning with water and cleaning agents containing water

S: Clean only with water-free products, e.g. solvents

WS: both of the above methods can be used 

X: specialist professional cleaning only






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