How To Create a Warm And Cosy Room for Winter

Nights are drawing in and instead of thinking of airy, cool spaces we focus on creating warm, cosy rooms where we can hide from the elements, relax and stay warm and comfortable. Our guide lists tips for making a room feel warm, cosy and welcoming to you, your family and friends in the coldest winter months.


Wood and wood effect

Wood is not only a good insulation material, but provides visual “cosiness-clues”. Almost all wood and wood effect furniture have warm tones that are actually make people feel warmer (this effect has been proven by scientific research).


Warm, soft light

If you use LED bulbs, it is worth making sure that most of your room lights use ‘’warm white” lightbulbs. Although “daylight” bulbs can be helpful for people in northern latitudes prone to seasonal lowering of the mood, especially on dark days when indoor lights have to stay on all day, “warm white” lights will make a huge difference to how cosy and welcoming the room feels in the evening.

Candle light, although not very practical as the main source of light, is amazingly soft, flattering and warm, both because of its hue and because we associate open flame with warmth. Talking of which, nothing beats an open fire or a stove with glass door for evoking cosy and welcoming vibes. A ‘’flame effect’’ heater can approximate that.

Avoid harsh bare-bulb light and use a selection of lamps and lampshades to enhance the most welcoming features of the room.


Warm colours

Not only the vast variety of wooden browns, but other warm colours will also help you make your interiors feel warm and cosy. From leather or leather-effect sofas to deep red upholstery to painting walls yellow, orange or terracotta, colour is your first port of call in creating a cold-busting interior.


Soft furnishings magic

Throws, cushions, blankets, rugs – the fluffier the better. These will not only make the room visually softer and warmer, but can also provide real warmth and insulation for your living space. Knits have particularly strong associations with winter cosiness, so use them to enhance this effect even further.


Texture and layers

Regardless of the colours you use, layering your textiles (for example throws and cushions, or a rug on top of a carpet) and using textured matte finishes rather than smooth and glossy will make you and your guests feel like they were ensconced in a cosy nest.


Use wall art for instant temperature boost

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your room feel cosy is to use artwork that incorporates warm colours and cosy images. Whether abstract or realistic, well-chosen poster or painting can add a welcoming touch of warmth to any room.












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