How to create romantic bedroom?

You hear ‘’romantic” – what do you imagine? Baby pink everywhere, ruffles and flounces and white lace? Think again! Making your bedroom romantic doesn’t necessarily mean turning it into a Disney-princess fairy tale (unless you are into that kind of thing, of course – then go for it!).

What ‘’romantic” means will vary from person to person, and from couple to couple… but it will certainly mean doing your best to create an atmosphere of soft luxury, opulence even, with more ornaments and rich textures.

Use colour

Traditionally, soft pastels – yes, we are talking pink, but also lilac accents, pale blue, peaches and creams – are considered to be romantic, and they certainly can create an innocent, sweet and airy feeling.

Hot pink and bright reds change the vibe to more sexy -- though use them sparingly and for accents, after all you want to sleep in your bedroom as well.

Deep colours create an impression of opulence, and when combined with gold and silver, and ornate textures, can be the most romantic of all.

Use texture

Romantic vibes are evoked by soft, rich textures. Ruffles, lace, a surfeit of pillows and cushions… all bathed in soft, warm light. If you use darker colours, velvet is your fabric of choice for cushions and upholstery.

Four-poster beds are ultimate in romantic design, but if you can’t fit one of those in your bedroom, consider a simpler canopy over the head of the bed. Makes you feel like a princess? That’s the effect you want!

Go a little OTT

Don’t worry about overdoing it (a little bit). One cushion too many is better than not enough... although keep some restraint in things that are harder to change later than cushion numbers.

Use lighting

Nothing is as important for setting mood as lighting, and especially in the bedroom, where you will often spend time after dark. Soft, warm light, with plenty of options apart from the overhead one (you might not need that one at all) will be perfect. Lampshades can help you create the right mood – and if you do have an overhead light, what about a crystal chandelier?

Candle light is the most romantic of all. Making sure there are candle holders available will make it safer and easier to use candles when you really want to get out of your way to create that romantic mood.

Use pattern

Wallpapers, carved headboards, printed cushions and throws, and of course, the artwork: use these to showcase romantically implicated patterns. Florals are certainly at the top of the list, especially classic roses and small, pastel coloured flowers.

Barley-twist or gracefully curved legs on a bedside table, antique-looking, dainty armchairs or dressing tables… wallpapers redolent of debutantes’ dreams from 200 years ago… pick a pattern as a theme and build your whole bedroom design around it.

Don’t forget the windows

Make sure that window treatments add to the overall romantic vibe of your bedroom. Lace or tulle nets, softly draping curtains… and if you really prefer blinds, choose the Roman blind design, in which the fabric is gathered in graceful folds, or wooden Venetian blinds that give the light an almost Mediterranean quality.

Top it all with artwork

Whether it’s a more risqué drawing, a print that you would not comfortably hang on the living room wall, or a Casablanca movie poster, picking suitable art to decorate your romantic bedroom walls will add the final, finishing touch.

If nudes or movie posters aren’t your thing, floral designs or peaceful coastal landscapes or seascapes will also work.

Hide away the mundane

And finally, not what to add, but what to remove. Try not to use your bedroom for work (even if you work at home, it’s better to create your office space somewhere else, or hide it away in a cupboard before bedtime). Don’t spread ironing or craft projects all over the floor – it’s your bedroom, not a utility room! Make it a haven from the mundane, and don’t clutter it with reminders of the chores.






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