How To Match Your Potted Plants To The Style Of Your Interior?

We all probably know that plants have a good effect on people's moods and also on the microclimate in our homes. They are also an important element in interior design. In today's article you'll find tips on how to use plants in various interior design styles. 

Plants for modern and minimalist interiors

Modern arrangements and minimalist style require plants that match it: choose a single, but large and, above all, highly expressive plant and place it in a simple but striking container. You can achieve the latter using colour - e.g. bright red or shiny black on a white background - or material, e.g. riveted steel in the industrial style. 

Large leaves, spreading branches or the whole wall of dense greenery will work well, just like an unusual bonzai or a glass terrarium full of cacti and succulents planted in a decorative arrangement of soil and gravel. 

Plants for traditional interiors 

The elegance of a traditional interior in a more formal style requires a well-thought-out selection of plants. Beautifully displayed cut flowers suit this style perfectly, but a large palm, dracaena or ficus will also work, especially in the corner of the room, in ceramic pots whose shape and colour fit the look of the entire interior. 

Plants for Nordic interiors

As in modern interiors, minimalist pot plants also look good in Scandinavian-style arrangements. In this style, however, more muted colours and natural materials of the pots will allow the plants to speak for themselves. 

The lively green of ferns, broad philodendron or cheese plant leaves, the subtle beauty of orchids and the interesting shapes of aloe in ceramic pots or containers covered with wicker or sea grass will harmonize well with nature-inspired Nordic vibes. 

Plants for rustic interiors

The homely style inspired by the style of a country cottage, full of wood and colorful textiles, is a great background for plants that our mothers and grandmothers kept on their window sills and in their gardens. Ferns, violets, begonias and other flowering plants in traditional clay pots or wooden window boxes will fit well into rustic interiors. Ivy or ferns will also suit the rustic look. 

A country-style vase filled with wild or garden flowers will complete the setup. 

Plants for ethnic interiors

Add a fitting final touch to rooms whose decor was inspired by the aesthetics of a particular culture by choosing pots and plant species to enhance the overall effect. 

The Mexican look, referring to dry and desert environments are associated with cacti, agaves and other succulents. A palm or a yucca plant won't hurt this look either. Place all that in colorful ceramic pots in shades of muted red, yellow, ocher and blue. 

Indian or Middle Eastern vibes will co-ordinate well with palm-like plants as well as various philodendrons and vines displayed in shiny brass containers or pots decorated with colourful glass. 







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