Last Minute Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Everything ready for Christmas? Or do you need some inspiration for last minute unique decorative motifs and inspired touches? 

If the latter is the case, we have a few tips that won’t cost the earth and won’t take hours and hours to apply. 

Some people start introducing Christmas touches to their homes in late November, others wait till Christmas Eve. If your halls could still do with some extra decking out to enhance the festive spirit, these DIY tips might help. 

Alternative trees

We must have seen it all by now, from building ladders to hay bales and paper cutouts, all decorated in lights and tinsel for that festive spirit. Although using duct tape to create an outline of the tree on the wall and hanging a single string of lights around this is, in our opinion here at CJC Furniture, taking the minimalist industrial vibe too far, we like the idea of a ‘’Christmas tree’’ made of books, wrapped in lights and topped with a big star - a great option for avid readers and there won’t be any needles to sweep up! If floor or counter-top space is at premium, draw a stylised Christmas tree shape on a wall and fill it with pinned baubles and glittery things. You can also make a similar wall ornament from Christmas cards -- this one will grow till the last minute indeed!

Candles in jars

Nothing conveys the festive mood as well, and as effectively as candlelight. In addition to traditional dinner candles on the table and pillar candles on the mantelpiece, what about using tealights (these have the extra bonus of being cheap) in some creative ways:

-- make floating candle arrangements in jars, add some holly leaves and  berries or submerged gold items to the water for a better effect,

-- talking of jars, small candles or tea lights (even the ‘’fake’’ LED ones) placed in purpose made glass holders, nicer shaped jam jars or re-purposed old jars left after large candles make for attractive lanterns, and if you use actual jam jars, you can add a wire handle to carry at the top too, for a cute folksy touch. 

Other things in jars and glass bowls

You can turn a pile of unused Christmas tree baubles and a short string of LED lights into a charming ornament by simply placing it in the confined  space of a jar or a glass bowl (“fishbowl” style bowls or a more spherical, enclosed shape work best but tulip and cylinder shapes are good too).

Large Mason jars work really well, as do other storage jars. Make sure you only use LED lights, as traditional bulbs can get too hot. 

Vase arrangements

Creating an attractive arrangement in a vase does not need to take a lot of time or special skill. Coniferous greenery, holly and bare branches modestly enhanced with silver paint, white paint, glitter or some fake snow will all add an instant touch of classy festive mood. And you can still make it fit your personality and style:

-- go minimalist, with a bare silvery-white branch decorated with a lone white or gold bauble or a tasteful minimalist angel,

-- or go maximalist, filling a vase with a riot of fir and cypress branches, red and gold ribbons, several baubles and even tinsel.

Paper ornaments

Very traditional and definitely not just for nursery-age kids, making a few paper ornaments might not be as quick as other last-minute ideas, but doesn’t need to take hours and will give you a breather from the pre-Christmas rush. Making chains is probably the most fiddly and time-consuming, though they can look really attractive, especially in more rustic interiors. But what about cutouts? Snowflakes, stars and more abstract shapes inspired by these can be done really quickly and pinned, glued or hung for that extra homely Christmasy touch. Experiment with using unusual paper, for example old book pages, or sheet music can look very charming. 

Lights everywhere

And finally, for the very last minute solution for the very busiest… LIGHTS! This isn’t the cheapest, but with LED strings costing just a few pounds for 100 lights, it won’t break the bank (though you need to budget for batteries too unless you get the plug-in ones). Drape these round your windows, door frames and pictures, wrap them on banisters, go all-out on last minute lights. We suggest sticking to mostly warm white colours and going easy on flashing and blinking patterns though...






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