More is More or Time for Maximalism

Minimalism is still an extremely popular interior design style, and for a good reason. But each weight has its counterweight and the discreet charms of minimalism have found theirs in the eclectic quasi-chaos of maximalism. 

Are you bored with white walls, muted colors and clean lines? Do you feel a hard to control need to put something, anything, on this almost-empty shelf? Do you miss color, dynamism and energy? Minimalism seems cold and even a bit... boring?

The goal of minimalism is, among other things, getting rid of excess items and using only what you need. Maximalism, on the other hand, consists in creating an interior rich in colors, shapes and textures, not necessarily 'needed', but full of life and energy. The key word here is ''excess'' but it's not about living in an overstuffed room full of junk. 

Maximalism is a very personal style

Unlike minimalist designs, which by their very nature have a very universal, even timeless and cross-cultural character with easily recognizable features, maximalism references your personal unique tastes and specific memories. One minimalist interior can sometimes be swapped fro another, while maximalist interiors have a much more individual character. Each such design tells a certain story about the people who inhabit it. This design style will allow you to express your personality and unique experiences much easier than it would be in a minimalist space. 

The most important features of maximalist interiors

⇒ Use of layers on the floor, on furniture and even on walls.  

⇒ Rich patterns on the upholstery, wallpapers, curtains or rugs: floral, geometric, animal.  

⇒ Rich, bold colors. 

⇒ Unique statement pieces that focus attention in every room.  

Bold combinations of textures and colors.

⇒ Numerous items with an ornamental rather than utilitarian role - paintings, graphics, sculptures, books.  

⇒ Eclecticism squared, i.e. combining styles, for example, traditional, eclectic or bohemian.  

How to do it without overdoing it?

If you're afraid of going over the top, even when creating a style that relies on excess, start with less drastic changes: 

Add color - pillows, bedspreads, smaller furniture, as well as decorative elements work best here. 

Add prints or other patterns - you can use the same elements and buy an attractive rug that combines rich patterns and colors, for example Persian.  

Add textures - rich, luxurious materials  

Display souvenirs and items of sentimental value. A lot of pictures on the wall? Ornaments in a large group on the mantelpiece? Pile of books stacked from the largest to the smallest? A bushy, wild potted plant with colorful leaves or flowers? All these elements add maximalistic flavors without creating the impression of a cluttered mess. 

Do you want to create a complete maximalist interior?

Pick a running motif. Maximalism is not a mess. Choose a color or pattern that especially appeals to you and build the entire project on this foundation. 

Use wallpaper with a bold pattern or even a mural to create a focal point for a maximalist interior. Even on the ceiling. 

And above all - have fun! Minimalism is calm and serene but serious. The traditional style - a little pompous. Maximalism does not treat anything super-seriously, but rather creates a show of patterns, shapes, colors and emotions expressing the personality and taste of the inhabitants of the house. 






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