Myths and Facts About Polish Furniture Industry

As we open the New Year 2020 (and a Happy New Year to all of you!) with a furniture sale -- up to 50% OFF on some lines and products -- we thought we would tell you a little bit more about Polish furniture. 

We proudly sell Polish furniture to customers all over the UK, and we have written an article that lists all the reasons why it is worth buying furniture made in Poland. We don’t want to repeat the points we made there, but we wanted to have a look at a few facts and myths that you might come across. 

Polish furniture industry is not well established: FALSE

Nothing could be further from the truth. Poland is one of the top five world exporters of furniture. Did you know that every second sofa bed made in Europe is manufactured in Poland? 

And it’s not a new thing by any means. Despite the Iron Curtain, IKEA furniture has been produced in Poland since the 60s, and nowadays 60% of furniture made for IKEA is produced in Poland. 

This also applies to furniture made for British brands and retailers, especially the upholstered items: Polish manufacturers are, for example, successfully competing with German ones on the UK market.  

Polish furniture is low quality: FALSE

Definitely not! Standards of workmanship are high, and the offer of manufacturers varies from solid value options to high end. We bet you didn’t know that Hay and Fritz Hansen manufacture in Poland (including the latter’s iconic Arne Jacobsen’s Egg lounge chair). 

Although we do sell flat pack furniture and CJC in order to offer best value to our customers, it is by no means the only or even main category of our products. In fact, upholstered furniture makes up about a third of furniture exports from Poland, and the CJC product offer reflects this in a great range of sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, corner sofas/sectionals and upholstered chairs. 

Polish furniture is good value for money: TRUE

Although not cheap-and-nasty, Polish furniture can definitely offer fantastic value for money. The quality vs. price ratio is excellent, as the manufacturers can take advantage of well-trained and highly motivated workforce while that costs are still lower than in the UK or other countries in Western Europe. 

And the manufacturers don’t aim to compete with the cheapest world producers, but to establish a reputation for good quality and value for money. Customers -- including CJC customers -- can only benefit. 






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