New Season Garden Furniture Essentials

Hard to believe it’s already May, isn’t it? Higher temperatures, sunnier weather and the hope for long, leisurely evenings and weekends spent in the garden. If your patio looks a little bare or your old garden set has seen better days, it’s high time to think of essential items of garden furniture.

Before you buy

…consider the amount of space you have – whether on the lawn or your patio, and what could comfortably fit there while leaving room for kids running about or an impromptu game of badminton.

Another thing is storage space – although some garden furniture can withstand the elements very well (look in our guide for a low-down on materials), you will want to store it all somehow for at least few months of the year. Garage? Shed? Special covers? It’s worth thinking about before you commit to a bigger purchase.

Garden sets

Usually comprising comfortable seating and a table, these come in two main varieties: higher, with a dining table and more upright chairs, and lower, with a coffee table and sofas, armchairs and loungers, often more padded than the chairs that come with the dining table. The latter usually take up more space, but offer much more comfort, especially on the patio or terrace, which on nicer days can completely take over the role of the living room.

But if you want to eat al fresco frequently, a full-height table is hard to beat – and many dining sets come with very comfortable chairs indeed.

Chairs and loungers

Sometimes you won’t have a need – or room – for a full garden furniture set, but chairs or loungers are the one absolute necessity. Whether a traditional wooden bench, a cast iron one, or a few folding chairs or loungers, easy to move about and put away, seating is a garden must-have.

And if you are after a touch of opulent luxury, what could be better than a full-sized, canopied day bed made of eco rattan so it can be left outside, and with numerous cushions to create the ultimate lounging experience?

Roof over your head

Well, not really a roof. But something to provide shade from the sun – and shelter from occasional rain, which is a sensible precaution in British weather. A sturdy parasol offers a basic protection, while a gazebo will not just protect you and your guests from sun or rain, but create an outdoor room perfect for socialising.

Gently swinging

Swaying in a gentle breeze is sooo relaxing, isn’t it? No wonder people fall asleep so easily in hammocks and swing seats! If you have room, it’s definitely worth getting one. And for the ultimate in style and relaxation, invest in one of the amazing hanging pod chairs.

Outdoor cooking

A barbecue is a summer must have, whether a simple metal one, a large gas one, a fire pit or a permanent masonry one that will become a real feature in your garden and give you years of outdoor cooking enjoyment.






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