Tips For Choosing Garden Furniture

The warm weather invites us to spend time outside, in the garden and on the patio. Often, we also take a few days off in the summer, and weekends are a time for relaxation, socialising and entertaining, often in the garden. 

Buying outdoor furniture is not essentially different from buying indoor furniture, but it is worth considering a few additional aspects when choosing garden items. 


As with indoor furniture, measurements are important. This is especially crucial when you buy furniture for an elevated patio, decking or a balcony with limited space, but even "grass" furniture should fit well in its designated space and leave enough room for people to walk around without bumping into things. 

Decide where your new furniture will go

Do you have some kind of roof over the area where you plan to place the furniture? Will you put it on a stone surface, gravel, wooden decking or on the grass? Considering these issues will help you choose the right materials and styles of furniture. Furniture made of untreated wood or steel/iron should not be placed directly on the ground or grass, because continuous moisture can cause rotting and rust. 

Weather conditions

In the UK, rain is a feature of weather at any time of the year. However, it is worth considering how much rainfall will actually end up on your furniture, how high temperatures are in the summer and how low in the winter, and whether the furniture will remain outside all year (then it is worth taking care of the covers) or only in the summer season. Is your patio well sheltered or are there very strong winds? Light furniture might fly off in the former case... Harsh sun will dry out and cause cracks in raw wood furniture, while many materials do not like constant moisture. 

Consider your choice of materials

Take into account your taste and personal style, weather conditions, the surface on which your furniture will be placed and how much time you can and want to spend on maintenance. We have already written about materials from which garden furniture is made, and especially about the advantages of eco-rattan

Pay attention to comfort 

Garden furniture has basically one goal: to make it easier for you to relax and rest. That's why comfort is the most important thing here. Do not try to save on cushions, throws and rugs. Do not forget about the place to store them, though, especially after the season. 

How about a hammock, a swing or a day bed? It is especially easy to relax on a summer day when you have one of those...

Find storage space

It is really worth considering storage for your garden furniture in the winter. Covers are a good solution, but not always enough, especially for furniture made from delicate materials. Also, make sure that the garage or shed in which you store the furniture is well ventilated, while fabric cushions should be well dried and stored at home. 

Buy the best you can afford

It is not worth skimping on garden furniture. Well chosen items will serve you for many years, and you will not need to search for new ones every couple of years - it's better for your wallet and for the environment. Prices for garden furniture begin to fall in August, it is worth looking around for sales.  






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