Top Sofa Styles

When it comes to choosing a sofa, some thinking before buying makes a lot of sense. After all, sofa is not something you are likely to replace any time soon. Each type of sofa has its advantages. Read about the main styles in our handy guide to the main options available on the market. 

Corner sofas

These styles are increasingly popular because, although taking up quite a lot of space, these often allow quite a few people to find a comfortable place to lounge and if you consider the number of people seated, they are more economical on space than a combination of a separate two and three seater for example. A corner sofa is also perfect for clearly delineating a separate area of the room, particularly useful in open plan living spaces where furniture, rather walls, creates various usage zones. We are so fond of these sofas that we have written a separate article listing all the reasons to buy one.

Fold-out sofas

Also known as sleeper sofas or sofa beds. Their biggest advantage is obvious from their name: a sofa bed works as a comfortable couch during the day, while transforming itself into a bed at night. Some of these are more suitable for occasional use, others are robust and comfortable enough to allow for a regular or even daily use. Perfect for putting up a family or friends in a living room if you lack a guest room, and will also work in a teenager's room for pals on a sleepover. Heavier and often bulkier than regular sofas, the sleep function is a huge bonus for those of us who need to use the same space for multiple purposes. Want to know more? Read our article on choosing a sofa bed.



Sometimes known as love seats, two-seater sofas often feature as a part of a traditional three-piece-suite, but are also frequently purchased individually, because they are a great space saving option that allows for seating two people comfortably, or one person lounging.



This is what we usually imagine when we hear ''sofa": a three seater, comfortably fitting three people, and usable as a makeshift bed (or at least for a nap) at a pinch. Big enough to provide loads of comfy seating, yet still able to fit into most living rooms, a three-seater is rightly a king of sofas.  


Corner sofa beds

If corner sofas are good and sofa beds practical, a corner sofa-bed combines the advantages of both those sofa styles to create the best of both worlds solution. We sell a lot of corner sofa beds – browse our selection here.



This striking design, noticeable for its highly quilted (or ''tufted'') upholstery, instantly brings to mind traditional interiors, stately homes and comfortable rooms. The original Chesterfield (designed for an earl whose name it was to eternally bear) was supposedly created to allow gentlemen to sit upright without wrinkling their garments. Nowadays, Chesterfields are not necessarily used for that purpose, but are bought by people who want to add a touch of class to their homes. See our selection here and here.










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