What Can Mirrors Do For Your Room?

Far more than just a practical item used to check your reflection while getting ready, a mirror is an invaluable tool in any interior decorator’s toolbox. A judicious use of mirrors can do wonders for many not-quite-perfect interiors. A well-placed mirror can transform a room in various ways. 

Brighten the room

To add extra natural light and brighten the whole space, position a mirror opposite a window or at an angle near a window. This will significantly boost the amount of natural light in your room. For dark spaces with little natural light, placing mirrors near standard lamps or behind sconces will make the room less gloomy and add some welcome brightness.

Use larger mirrors in smaller rooms, and smaller mirrors near light sources in large spaces to avoid enhancing the cavernous feeling.

Use mirrors with relatively narrow and not very ornate frame in a colour similar to the wall to avoid the feeling of “trapping” the light. 

Make the space appear bigger

Particularly useful in small interiors, a large mirror will create an illusion of extra space, automatically “increasing” the size of the room. When positioning a mirror intended to make the room feel larger, consider what it is going to reflect: make sure it’s reflecting something attractive. 

Placing a mirror opposite the window will both create the illusion of spaciousness and boost the light, as well as adding an extra window to your room!

Create a focal point and anchor the room 

A large mirror, or a collection of mirrors (created on the same principle as a “gallery wall” of paintings) can become a focus of the whole interior arrangement, while drawing the eye away from less desirable or attractive features of the space. 

In fact, an interestingly shaped mirror, or one in a striking frame, can easily replace paintings or prints as a decorative feature in your home, while working to add light and spaciousness to the interiors. 

Boost the wall colour

Playing with lights and reflections, mirrors can really make the colour pop, especially when combined with appropriate lighting. 

Create a window illusion in a windowless room

All the advantages of using mirrors in interior design become even more pronounced when dealing with windowless rooms. You will gain the extra light, the spaciousness, and occasionally, an impression of an actual window being present in that windowless bathroom, hall, kitchen or a box-room study. 

Enhance and complement the look

Choosing mirrors whose style and shape repeat and reference key aspects of your overall design will do wonders for creating a cohesive look. Sometimes, however, a contrasting mirror will work better. 

Experiment with various styles and make sure that all your mirrors are securely hung to avoid hazards and to ensure undistorted reflections.






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