What’s Trendy In Kitchen Interior Design Right Now?

2019 marks a continuation and development of many previously visible trends, with some expanding and some new things too. Up-to-date kitchens in late 2019 are bound to feature some of the trends we will tell you about today. Read on to see what they are. 

Upper cabinets replaced by open shelving

If your kitchen space allows it, keeping the above-counter space as free of storage as possible is definitely on-trend now. This allows for more art or plants to be placed in such free space and generally makes the whole room feel more spacious. If you can’t afford to get rid of all above-countertop storage, try to use open shelves (floating shelves go particularly well with the spacious look), racks and other storage solutions that don’t block too much space. Or maybe it’s a chance to declutter?

Fixtures and handles made of coloured metals

Still popular though rose gold is starting to look a little passe, while copper and brass are still going strong. Combine it with a fashion for metal-cage designed lighting fixtures

Atypical tile shapes

Octagons? Still popular, but maybe already on their way to getting passe. Triangular tiles are where it’s at, just now. Triangular tiles of various contrasting or complementary colours can be used to create mosaic-like patterns, but even if kept in exactly the same -- even plain white or cream -- colour, triangular wall tiles will draw attention simply with their unusual shape. 

A large pendant light above the kitchen island

This fits with a trend for large light fixtures which we describe in one of our other Autumn 2019 articles. Large light suspended above your kitchen island will not only provide perfect illumination for all the work done on the island’s worktop, but will also create a striking visual feature in your kitchen. 

Smart home technology in the kitchen

From smart light switches that react to time of day and your presence to intelligent coffee makers that ensure your espresso is on the go before you even enter the kitchen, smart home technology makes more and more inroads into the kitchen. Make sure to check the options available as prices keep going down while the gadgets are getting more and more genuinely useful. 

Dark cabinetry

Whether you decide to reduce the number of above-counter-level cabinets or stick with more traditional layouts, one kitchen trend that’s visible in most of the collections is darker cabinets. Navy is a particular favourite with designers, but deep bottle greens and blacks as well as dark brown also make an appearance, creating luxurious and classy feel even in smaller kitchens. Two-tone cabinets are a good alternative to no-cupboards above the worktop level. 

Quartz and concrete kitchen worktops

Wooden countertops are on the way out this year, while quartz and concrete are all the rage. Quartz worktops are not solid slabs of stone, but made of quartz aggregate bonded with resins and sometimes pigments, sharing some of the best advantages of natural stone with greater versatility. If versatility is specifically what you are really after, consider concrete kitchen worktops, which can be custom-made in a huge variety of shapes, polish levels and shades. 






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