You Know about Hygge, but What is Lagom? Moderation is the Key to Nordic Design

The Scandinavian approach to life in general and interior design in particular is showing no signs of losing its appeal. It seems like only yesterday we were introduced to the cosy and welcoming concept of Hygge originating in Denmark, yet more recently it’s Lagom that has been all the rage.

So what is Lagom all about? Is it any good? And how can we introduce it into our thinking about interior design and furniture buying?

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning literally “just the right amount” – enough and sufficient but not too much. It is often translated as “in moderation” or “in balance”.

As a philosophy of life, Lagom sings the prizes of moderation as a supreme virtue, and provides a perfect summary of the Nordic approach to life, focused on equality and achieving “good enough” results. The concept and the philosophy of Lagom has become popular recently as it can offer a perfect alternative to the excesses of consumerism and to the “more, more, more” extremism.

Lagom is the Goldilocks approach to life, and it translates very well into interior design.

Lagom Interiors

Lagom interiors are most of all functional and uncluttered – not necessarily minimalist, but never excessive. Design exists to make your life easier and more pleasant, and not for its own sake. Nothing is accidental, all things have their own place and their own reason to be. Lagom doesn’t just mean functionality. It is also environmental friendly, and, in the long run, economical. When planning a Lagom interior, choose high-quality, timeless furniture that will serve you for many years and will not seem need replacing just because the fashion has changed. Simple forms, light colours (on furniture and on the walls) and natural materials will not only promote relaxation but also shave a bit off your energy bills.

Lagom Living Room

“Functional” does not mean severe and unfriendly: after all, the function of a living room is to provide a comfortable space for the family to relax. So a Lagom living room will have plenty of soft cushions and deep sofas, while the serenity of pale natural can be enlivened by vivid accessories.

Lagom Bedroom

A Lagom bedroom is likely to veer more towards minimalism. Lack of clutter and functional, simple furniture complemented by natural fabrics will help you calm down and guarantee restful sleep.

Lagom Kitchen

Lagom kitchens are, most of all, functional. User-friendly storage, including spacious cupboards and clever hacks to declutter surfaces (hooks, canisters, extra shelving) will not only calm the space but encourage you to cook healthy – and balanced, as the Lagom philosophy requires – meals for you and your family.

Lagom Greenery

Connecting to nature is one of the Lagom ways to maintain balance. You don’t need a lavish garden taking up every minute of your leisure time – indoor plants, herbs in the kitchen and potted plants on the patio will bring some welcome greenery without overwhelming you with demands.






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