9 New Interior Design Trends for Spring 2019

Many of the last year’s trends are still going strong, but designers and journalists who make-or-break interior trends are noticing – and proposing – some new interesting twists.

What to look out for if you are updating your home interiors in the spring of 2019?

Pillow forts in nest-like beds

In the times of global uncertainty and turmoil, we look for oases of security and safe ways to cocoon ourselves. And where better to just that than in a cosy, womb-like bed. Sumptuous bedding, soft, perhaps curved shapes, luxury headboards – what about a well-padded, quilted, velvet one? Stark is out and mellow is in with this particular trend.

Interesting, natural textures

Rich textures come up in many collections, especially those ethnically and ethically inspired. From macramé planters to unusual weave patterns on cushions, throws and bedding, textures are everywhere.


The colour, not the spice. It’s not an entirely new feature, but there is definitely more of it, and not just in smaller details. Warm and vibrant, mustard pops up in larger areas of colour, and paired not just with ethnic neutrals but with richer jewel colours too.

Various warm pinks

With Pantone choosing its Living Coral as the hue of 2019 and other manufacturers and trend setters following suit, warm pinks and blush hues are not going away any time soon.

1970-ish retro

Retro trends are still visible both in commercial collections and in cutting-edge designer propositions, but one that is becoming more prominent is a return to the 1970’s, especially the Nordic 1970’s. Not as full of plastic and garish as some manifestations of the 70’s nostalgia, this trend utilises geometric prints, bold colours in accent roles, rich but not overwhelming graphic patterns.

Recycling and sustainability

In line with the more and more pressing concerns for the environment, recycled and sustainable solutions are growing in prominence. Whether more home-spun, ethnic and artisanal, or high-tech (3D-printed chairs from futuristic recycled materials, anyone?), the ecological mindset is clearly visible behind many of the key design ideas this season.


From a colour palette that includes jade and hunter green to actual, living green plants, the verdant trend is growing stronger this season. Botanically inspired prints and patters also feature noticeably: tropical palms, bamboo-inspired textures, fronds and leaves come to the fore, creating a greenhouse-or-jungle inspired looks.

Bonus micro trend #1: Fringes

Tassels have grown thicker, longer and more over-the-top. In clothing? Yes, but also in upholstery, lamp shades and window treatments.

Bonus micro trend #2: Oxidised oak

The blackened timber of oxidised oak allows the figure and texture of the wood to become more prominent, creating impact in statement pieces. For a more budget-friendly version, try black oak veneered furniture.






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