Compliant form


  1. Furniture should be used in accordance with their design and purpose.
  2. When unpacking, do not use sharp objects that can scratch the surface of the furniture.
  3. Furniture that requires assembly should be assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions, using appropriate tools. During assembly, special care should be taken not to damage the components.
  4. Furniture should be stored and used under appropriate conditions, i.e. the material should not be exposed to overly high temperatures, damp, extremely low temperatures or water.
  5. The furniture should be used in dry, closed rooms, safe against harmful atmospheric influences and over exposure to direct sunlight.
  6. Furniture should not be placed in a distance less than 1 meter from active heaters/radiators.
  7. An even set-up (levelling) of the furniture is required. You should also remember to frequently adjust components such as hinged doors, drawers, table bases, chair legs.
  8. In the case of floors prone to scratches, it is recommended to use protective pads for furniture.
  9. The storage compartment should not have more items stored than its volume.
  10. Liquids have negative influence on the surface of the furniture, which can penetrate and cause stains or leave reflections. Spilled liquids should be wiped dry immediately. Do not allow liquids to enter hard-to-reach spots.
  11. Do not leave stains to dry, as they can permanently discolour the surface.
  12. When using glue, please ensure that you let the parts/furniture dry an appropriate amount of time allowing the bonding agents to properly solidify, securing the construction.
  13. The surface of the furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a paper towel. Do not use brushes with hard bristles.
  14. The upholstered furniture should be vacuumed before being wiped with a damp cloth.
  15. Surfaces/glass components in furniture should be used with particular care. They must not be overloaded, and when moving, all glass elements must be dismantled. In the case of glass tops, make sure that the glass is tempered resistant to which factors.
  16. When unfolding the sofa, pull out and push the movable part evenly while holding the handle.
  17. The storage compartment flap is meant to be opened using the grip provided (if there is not any – it should be opened by holding the middle of the flap).
  18. Open and close the sofa or futon bed by grabbing the middle part of the seat.
  19. When using upholstered furniture, unacceptable it is to apply too much individual pressure on soft components (jumping on seats, sitting on armrests or headrests, putting too much weight on the surface when unfolding).
  20. In upholstered furniture - as a result of transport - after unpacking and during use, wrinkles and corrugations may arise, which can be reduced by shaking, patting or manually straightening the material to re-shape.
  21. On the upholstery surfaces of some pieces in which have the so-called loose fixing of the covering fabric (e.g. 2 seater sofa mattresses, cushioned furniture also with divided or glued upholstery stitching) during the normal use, wrinkles and corrugations can occur which can be corrected by brushing your hand through fabric itself. To ensure the long levity of the furniture it is recommended to use it evenly.
  22. In 2, 3 or more seater sofas you should avoid using only one seat, as it will prevent differences in the appearance of the whole set.
  23. During the usage of upholstered furniture - as a result of natural dye and pigment loss processes - discoloration may occur in places subjected to heavy use or cleaning, as well as exposure to sunlight.
  24. Differences in the degree of hardness of individual elements of upholstered products, resulting from their various sizes and conditioned by the applied constructional solutions or folds in the upholstery material are classified as desirable and intended features.
  25. The occurrence of ridges in the top layer of fabric is natural and classed as feature on upholstered goods. It results from innovative technology used in upholstery, which is meant to improve the overall aesthetics of the product.
  26. The outer coatings of furniture (sides and back) made of upholstery materials or leather are loose and soft, which is due to the technique of making this type of furniture.
  27. Sofa bed is made for lounging purposes only and it is designed to be used for occasional sleep, it does not substitute a bed.
  28. Please respect the rules, indications and recommendations regarding purchased furniture, which will extend the period of furniture usage and avoid damage resulting from improper use and maintenance of furniture.
  29. Any issue should be reported within 5 days after discovering. Please, be aware that continuous usage of faulty furniture leads to more sustainable and larger damages. These will not be repaired under warranty. If product happens to be damaged on delivery, please do not start assembly and contact our office immediately. Otherwise damage would be considered as mechanical fault and will not be accepted as a manufacturer fault.

Please note that faults/damages described further are not covered by guarantee:

  • Defects or damages visible before purchase.
  • The guarantee will not be accepted if the damage is a result of improper transportation, moving, incorrect assembly or using the furniture; if third parties/unauthorized persons attempt to repair the product .
  • Minimal differences in the surface of wooden elements as well as colouring, structure or sheen.
  • Damages and defects caused by animals.
  • Any additional pieces purchased at a later date that have a slight colour shade variance.
  • Permanent damages as a result of careless use (e.g. cuts by sharp objects).
  • Discoloration caused by contact with dyeing textiles.
  • Damages caused by impregnating agents, stain and bleaching agents, nail polish or nail polish remover or other chemicals containing alcohol and solvents.
  • Damages caused by high temperature, fire and caustic liquids.






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