How to choose a sofa bed?

Functional, comfortable and visually appealing, sofa beds well deserve their popularity. In small interiors, it is such a couch or a sofa that will allow you to host your family or friends in the living room or kids' bedroom without having to spread temporary sleeping mats on the floor.

To choose the best sofa bed, answer a few important questions.

In which room do you plan to place your new piece of furniture?

This decision that will guide your further choices, as both the size and style and colour of the sofa should either fit into the existing style or become the basis of the rooms design if you start furnishing it room from scratch.

What is the main purpose of the sofa bed?

Is it to be a sofa first of all, occasionally used to sleep your guests, or is it going to be a regular sleeping surface which turns into a couch during the day?

In the living room a sofa bed will most likely serve as a sofa most of the time, and it is important to pick one with a solid construction, durable upholstery and comfortable cushions. Take care of the armrests - a simple sofa without armrests will not be as comfortable to lounge on as a piece of furniture with side supports.

However, if the sofa bed is to be used for everyday sleeping, the quality of the bed function will become an important criterion and should guide your choices. Sofa beds vary a lot in this respect and it is worth choosing a solution with a comfortable mattress (preferably a spring or memory foam) and a mechanism that will withstand everyday folding and unfolding (as well as one that is actually easy to operate).

How many people will sleep and sit on your news sofa?

Remember that the size of the sofa does not necessarily translate into the size of its sleeping surface. A smaller sofa might fold out into a bigger bed than a larger one. Spacious corner sofas often transform into not very large beds (although, for example, our Gomez sofa folds out into a decent-width double bed), while a comfortable classic couch can usually accommodate not more than three people as a sofa.

Make sure it fits through your doors!

Similarly to a non-bed sofa, a sofa bed must fit into the space designated for it - read in our guide how to measure. It is also important to make sure that it will fit in a folded-out form. Remember that it often happens that a part of the sofa does not transform into a sleeping surface, and the whole takes up much more space than an equivalent bed.

Storage for bedding is an additional advantage of many sofa beds: it will accommodate bedding, and often other home furnishings, helping to quickly change the living room into a cozy guest bedroom.

If you are thinking about buying a corner sofa bed, remember to buy the correct one: the right handed one has a longer "arm" on the right side (from the position of the seating on the sofa) and the left one, on the left.

In our store you will find a selection of various sizes of sofa beds, as well as corner sofa beds - prices of the latter start even as low as below £400.






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