Top Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

In the run-up to Christmas (yes, it’s definitely that time of the year again) it makes sense to make your kitchen more functional. And what better way to achieve that than to declutter it? In this way, you will also make room for any potential new objects, and for supplies for the festive cooking and entertaining too. 

This guide will give you our top tips for decluttering your kitchen space. 

Make sure you have enough storage

Is there even such a thing as ‘’enough storage”? Probably not, but we can try to get closer to the ideal. From well-organised cupboards to utilizing spaces such as cupboard doors, tops and wall-mounted racks and hook, even the smallest kitchen can benefit from having its storage options overhauled, and you don’t need to spend that much doing that. And if you are considering a complete kitchen overhaul, we have some very functional options for you. 

Get rid of the duplicates

We understand the need to have a spare corkscrew, we really do, but not every utensil and device need a duplicate, and even if you have one, it’s better to store it elsewhere. This will free some space, and it will also make managing what’s there easier. 

Throw away or donate gadgets, devices and other items you never use

This is the key commandment of decluttering, and it applies nowhere else more than in the kitchen. Was it Nigella Lawson that wrote about her collection of hardly-used kitchen devices? In all honestly, will you ever get out this yogurt maker/egg poacher/spiralizer? If you have not used a thing for more than a year, its place is in the charity shop or the bin. It is difficult to get rid of presents given in the spirits of kindness that you simply don’t like, so you could gift it to others who might find them more useful or more to their taste. 

Cull your crockery, pots and pans

Chipped, cracked and heavily scratched items kept ‘’just in case’’ have no place in a de-cluttered kitchen. If something has a serious sentimental value, repurpose it as a decorative item or put away in ‘’keepsakes’’ box, but otherwise be ruthless about all those things that are well past their best cluttering your shelves and cupboards. This way you will be also more likely to get replacements for things that are really needed. 

Plan for festive cooking and don’t get too much of one thing and too little of another

You don’t want to end up with three barely-used bottles of cooking sherry or a liqueur you only use to flavour that one pudding. 

Be ruthless to your tupperware

Plastic storage containers have a tendency to multiply, and their lids do to, albeit at different rates. Get rid of all boxes that don’t have lids (and all lids without boxes – if it hasn’t turned up in the last few weeks, it’s unlikely to do it ever again). Then cast a critical eye on what’s left and keep just-enough for your needs. 






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