Why buy a faux leather or leather sofa? And why not?

It would be an exaggeration to say that a sofa is for life, but it is certainly one of the most significant furniture purchases you are likely to make, and should last you for many years. It is really worth buying a sofa that will work for you: visually, practically, budget-wise, maintenance-wise. After choosing a style, choosing the upholstery material is a key decision you will need to make, and the leather/faux leather vs. fabric question is the first one to answer. 

What are the advantages of leather & faux leather sofas? 

Easy maintenance. In comparison to fabric upholstery, leather (including faux or eco leather) is easy to clean (just wipe with mild soap and water and dry) and only needs an occasional care with conditioning cream. And, to be perfectly honest, if you forget the latter, many such sofas are pretty forgiving of such maintenance lapses. 

Less likely to get dirty & smelly. Leather and its man-made substitutes is not just easier to clean for general freshness. It is also less likely to get dirty in the first place. Dirt doesn’t stick to it as much as to most fabric, and spills are MUCH less likely to cause a problem – again, just wipe, no need to scrub – though pale upholstery can of course still stain if you spill something very colourful on it. And for the win, leather (whether real or eco) doesn’t absorb smells anywhere near as much as fabric upholstery, so a sofa made from this material might work well for you if you have an open-plan living-cooking arrangement, allow smoking in your home or have pets. 

Classy look. Yes, fashions vary and so do preferences, but leather and leather-look upholstery will almost always make a higher-shelf impression than equivalent fabric solution. Make no mistake, modern faux (eco) leather and other leather-look products offer a very similar appearance to real leather. 

The feel. We are putting it at the end, because the unique, tactile feel of leather is something that divides people: some simply love it, other find it slippery, sticky and hate it, always using throws and blankets to separate themselves from the same surface that others just love to touch. You really need to decide for yourself: go on, have a feel. 

What are the disadvantages of leather and faux leather sofas? 

We have mentioned the ‘’feel’’ above. Some people simply don’t like the feel of leather, and no amount of persuasion will change their minds. If it feels cold, slippy, or sticky to you, don’t try to force it – this is a piece of furniture you will interact with daily for years, and it needs to feel right to you. 

The price. This is the biggest disadvantage when buying a new piece of leather furniture. Real leather upholstery is more expensive than most fabrics and although it will last longer, the initial outlay can be an issue. 

The price is, however, NOT an issue with a faux leather products. In fact, that type of upholstery offers nearly all the advantages of real leather without the hefty price tag. 

Less colour choice. If you are keen on stripes, florals or checks, leather will not work for you – the range of available patterns is limited to ‘’plain’’, and colours tend to be a bit more limited too, though if you really want one, it can usually be found. 

Whatever you decide, we have a selection of sofas in a choice of styles and designs: from sleek contemporary designs to classic chesterfields, from sofa beds to recliners, you will be able to find something that fits your lifestyle and your taste.






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