Why You Should Consider Buying Made-in-Poland Furniture

CJC is one of the leading suppliers of furniture mad in Poland to the UK market. Naturally, we believe that Polish furniture offers excellent benefits to its purchasers, but do you know what they are? Why should you seriously consider buying furniture made in Poland? 

1. Long tradition of craftsmanship & a thriving modern industry

Poland has a long tradition of furniture making including cabinetry, upholstered furniture and traditional/folk furniture. This didn’t develop as much as it should have done during the communist era of shortages, but the traditional pool of skills has survived in small-scale artisan production. Since Poland’s re-joining international markets 30 years ago, the Polish furniture industry has grown from strength to strength. In fact, Poland is in the top 5 of the largest exporters of furniture in Europe nowadays. 

2. Quality workmanship

One of the reasons for the success of contemporary Polish furniture industry is the quality of furniture made in Poland. From durable materials to build workmanship quality, you can count on Polish furniture maintaining good standards at all price levels. 

3. Value for money

Talking of prices, furniture made in Poland offers very attractive prices and real value for money. It might not always be the very cheapest on the market (these will be usually items produced in China and the Far East) but we can guarantee that like for like it will cost less for the same quality items. Or, looking from the other side, you will get better quality for the same money spent.

4. Innovative and versatile design

On-trend and inspired by latest fashions, yet still in touch with a long artisanal tradition and folk and nature inspirations, Polish design is rightly recognised and valued world over, and this is also reflected in Polish furniture. The choice of styles, finishes and fabrics offered by Polish manufacturers ensures that you will find products that will suit your taste and budget. 

5. Ethical labour practices

Although the cost of living, and thus the labour and material costs are lower in Poland than in the UK (while productivity in the furniture industry is growing), Poland is a developed European democracy and the manufacturers and wholesalers there have to comply with health and safety, minimum wage and labour law legislation that offer the workers much higher levels of protection than the sweatshops of the Far East. 

6. Lower transport emissions

The furniture produced in Poland has to be transported much less than the products from the Far East, and thus the number of transport miles and the resulting carbon footprint of Polish furniture sold in the UK is lower than in the case of imports from the Far East. 






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