8 Exciting Interior Trends For 2020

We are well into January and if any of your New Year plans or resolutions included updating, remodelling or otherwise improving the interiors of your home, today’s article is just what you need. We have hand-picked some top interior trends for 2020, for all areas of your home. 


Yes, warmth! Warmer hues (including spicy yellows, warm pinks and deep earth tones) but also coloured metals (especially brass) in fixtures and fittings, from lighting to taps to handles.

But warmth doesn’t just mean a warmer palette. Warm and inviting interiors are defined by textured, rich, layered fabrics, upholstery, rugs and drapery. Even wall tapestries have been seen. 

On a more figurative level, we see more organic and “biophilic” features: softer, more rounded shapes, and more natural elements (of which more below in the section on green). 


Combine the trend for warm textures and a noticeable step away from minimalism that dominated the mainstream design for a long time, and it’s not surprising that velvet has been hailed as one of the key 2020 trends. 

From smaller accents like cushions to velvet sofas; sumptuous, luxurious and available in many colours, velvet is a great way to update your interiors. 

Two-tone kitchens

Instead of kitchen cabinets kept in the same colour (yes, that’s normal, we know), we have been seeing a lot of dual tone kitchens. Often, it’s the lower cabinets that are darker and the ones above the worktops, lighter. 


And if you are wondering about the actual colours that are in play, last year’s navy (and muted navy) is still on trend in kitchen design, but in kitchen cabinetry and in other places from walls to rugs to sofas, 2020 leads with green. Paler greens, dark greens, all kinds of greens really are going to be a big thing in 2020.

Plants -- natural, not artificial -- are definitely in, helping designers to add texture, individuality and closer-to-nature vibe to the interiors they design. 

Botanical prints 

Naturally, all this greenery supports the trend for botanical prints. 

Modern yet drawing on tradition florals have been around for a while -- especially big, bold florals in interesting colours -- and this trend has now grown into a veritable jungle of other botanical prints too. Palm fronds, tropical flowers, bold statement making prints are in. And even chintzy ones: traditional (why not floral or botanical, then?) patterns on a light background, especially when combined with more modern furniture pieces.

Black, and Black and White

Black and white, and black on its own (especially in interior wood) is definitely more visible. The timeless, high-contrast look combining the two ends of the colour spectrum is also back (even if it never really left properly). Combine it with geometric patterns for a particularly on-trend take.

Kitchen storage focus

Marie Kondo has had many of us decluttering and tidying up, and this drive towards clarity and uncluttered spaces has lead to renewed emphasis placed on kitchen storage. Much of this storage is concealed, with open shelving giving way to closed cupboards, and designated larders (or at least pantry cupboards) more and more popular. 


Older readers might shudder at the mention of those polished concrete surfaces scattered with marble, quartz or granite chip, but they are definitely going to be making waves in 2020. Not just on the floor or worktops, but in smaller accents such as tables or utensil holders too. 






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